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Copper Tops USA has over 40 years of experience in the fencing business. In our 40 years, we have found that post caps are the best way to keep a fence looking great, year after year.

Here we offer the widest variety of miterless wooden and copper post caps. Made from a single piece of material, our fence post tops are guaranteed to outlast the competition. By using the ancient art of “spinning” copper, we are able to produce a fence topper that boasts a polish and finish that is unrivalled anywhere.

Our caps endure even the roughest weather conditions and environments, so you won’t ever have to worry about replacing them. With dozens of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find something that is the perfect fit for your own home. If you would like a personalized post cap solution, talk to one of our home experts today.

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With over 40 years experience in the fence business we believe we offer the
"best product" for the "best price"!

What Does “End Grain” Mean?

When a fence post is cut from a tree, the top side of the post was formed by a cut that ran perpendicular to the tree’s grain, exposing the wood grain to the forces of nature. Consequently, “end grain” refers to the exposed wood on the top side of a fence post.

As opposed to the sides of the fence post which are finished and thus resistant to rain, fog, and other forms of moisture, the end grain on a fence post is incredibly vulnerable to moisture. An unprotected fence post will decay quickly, as water and moisture and water enters the wood from the exposed top.

The only way to protect the post from damage is with a post cap. A well-made post cap will stop moisture from seeping in through the end grain, increasing the integrity and longevity of your fence.

What Is The Difference Between Post Caps With And Without Miter Joints?

Miter joints occur when two pieces of wood come together at a right angle, and are found in most other wooden post caps. Most commercial wooden post caps available on the market right now are made exactly the same way: manufacturers take 5 pieces of wood, and then glue and staple them together to form a wooden post cap that is full of miter joints.

The problem with miter joints is that it still leaves itself open to damage in the future. Over time, post caps with miter joints will separate at the edges, allowing the end grain of a fence post to be exposed once again.

Our post caps are completely miterless, and are made from a single piece of wood. Our miterless wooden post cap is the best defense against damage to your fence, with no chance of splitting, breaking, or cracking.

What Are The Differences Between The Post Cap Styles?

  • Traditional Pyramid: Most economical pyramid style
  • Traditional Original: Tlat tiered top
  • Traditional Original (Copper): The most economical wood and copper combo
  • Traditional Original (Stainless Steel): The most economical wood and stainless steel combo
  • Pyramid: New England style pyramid
  • West Indies: Mission Style
  • West Indies (Copper): Copper Top
  • West Indies (Stainless Steep): Stainless Steel Top
  • West Indies (Patina): Patina Top
  • West Indies (Grey): Grey Top
  • Copper Pyramid: All in one piece w/ no joints, and comes with a long lip
  • Stainless Steel Pyramid: All in one piece w/ no joints, long lip
  • Copper Federal Globe: Mounts w/ 2 screws
  • Copper Federal Globe (No Base): Self threaded screw comes out from bottom for a perfectly flat mount
  • Copper Pineapple: Mounts w/ 2 screws
  • Copper Pineapple (No Base): Self threaded screws come out from bottom for perfectly flat mount

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