Fences & Decks: Choosing The Right Look

Fences & Decks: Choosing The Right Look

When considering a fence for your home or business, searching through examples of different fencing options can save you time and frustration, and help you determine the proper style of fencing for your structure. A variety of materials are used for fences, gates and posts but the majority of fences built with decoration in mind, are made from wood.

Wood has a great warmth, is easy to maintain, and can be painted and stained for custom looks. It can create intricate and stylish designs that surround your home or business, or other structures. This decorative element brings art and fine craft to the front of your environment.

Along with the protecting your wood structure using paint or stain, placing physical coverings over the top of the posts is an important way to extend the life of all fence posts. After all, the posts are the skeletal structure that supports the length of fence sections. Because the end-grain of the wood is exposed day and night in heat, rain and possibly severe storms, placing a cap on the end of this fencepost is an ideal way to keep it protected.

Many of the fence post caps have been created from several pieces of wood or sometimes plastic which leaves seams that keep them from being totally watertight. Consider the type of fencepost cap you are choosing including shape, color and how the construction will extend the life of your investment in a fence. A one-piece fencepost cap will fit securely and protect your fence from the destructive elements and extend the life of your beautiful fence! This will also guarantee that the corners of your post cap will NEVER split apart.